Music Theory is usually viewed as a boring and unnecessary subject. Practical application of music theory in today’s diverse musical world is essential in this studio. Music Theory can be fun!

What do we offer:

  • Basic to advanced levels of music theory.
  • Individual or small-group theory lessons. Tailored to individual need.
  • Classical or Jazz/American popular music theory, or combination of both.
  • Preparation for university music entrance theory exams: Undergraduate level or post-graduate level.
  • Preparation for any other public music theory exams.
  • Consultation and tutoring of college-level music theory for Music Majors.
  • Integration of written theory and aural training.
  • Application of music theory to live practice.
  • Theory or composition pedagogy to music teachers.

Benefits to Students:

  1. Pre-college students who are taking private instrumental or vocal lessons: Improvement of musicianship and learning progress. Preparation for the music program in college.
  2. Non-college students or amateur musicians who are taking private instrumental or vocal lessons: Enhancement of musical knowledge and professional training of musicianship, which are normally offered in a university music program.
  3. Performing musicians: Enhancement of musicianship, musical interpretation, and appreciation through deeper understanding of musical structure and styles.
  4. Students at all ages who are interested in pursuing music composition: Solid music theory foundation would be necessary.
  5. Music teachers: Enhancement of theory pedagogy in music classrooms or studios.

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