• Have you ever dreamed about composing music but never had a chance to learn how to compose?
  • Maybe you had a chance to take composition lessons, but the timing was not right?
  • Maybe you did not know where to find a good composition teacher outside a university?
  • Maybe you did not believe that you could compose at all?
  • No matter what the obstacle was, now is a good chance to pursue your dream as a composer.


  • Dr. Lai believes that Anyone Can Compose. With substantial college teaching experience in music composition, Dr. Lai provides an effective pedagogy tailor-made for any individual who wishes to learn music composition.
  • Diverse styles of Classical, Jazz, American popular, and Chinese music are offered for students to select in the compositional studies.
  • Mature students who have the time, the maturity, and the desire to pursue further learning are particularly welcome.
  • You don’t have to be another Beethoven. Just Be Yourself!


  • Emotional and intellectual fulfillment.
  • Your music compositions would be meaningful gifts to your loved ones.
  • Student composition recitals will showcase students’ new compositions to the local community and online to the global community.



Music Theory is usually viewed as a boring and unnecessary subject. Practical application of music theory in today’s diverse musical world is essential in this studio. Music Theory can be fun!

What do we offer:

  • Basic to advanced levels of music theory.
  • Individual or small-group theory lessons. Tailored to individual need.
  • Classical or Jazz/American popular music theory, or combination of both.
  • Preparation for university music entrance theory exams: Undergraduate level or post-graduate level.
  • Preparation for any other public music theory exams.
  • Consultation and tutoring of college-level music theory for Music Majors.
  • Integration of written theory and aural training.
  • Application of music theory to live practice.
  • Theory or composition pedagogy to music teachers.

Benefits to Students:

  1. Pre-college students who are taking private instrumental or vocal lessons: Improvement of musicianship and learning progress. Preparation for the music program in college.
  2. Non-college students or amateur musicians who are taking private instrumental or vocal lessons: Enhancement of musical knowledge and professional training of musicianship, which are normally offered in a university music program.
  3. Performing musicians: Enhancement of musicianship, musical interpretation, and appreciation through deeper understanding of musical structure and styles.
  4. Students at all ages who are interested in pursuing music composition: Solid music theory foundation would be necessary.
  5. Music teachers: Enhancement of theory pedagogy in music classrooms or studios.


The healing power of music is evident throughout history and across cultures. During difficult times such as a pandemic, we can all use some extra remedies to soothe our souls. Many musician friends are spending more time at home listening to music, practicing their musical instruments and composing, while practicing social distancing, and are enjoying the reflective moments which were less available during a hectic working routine.

If you have music in your life, you will never be bored. Listening to music, playing music and composing music can keep you and your family busy in a healthy way. Music can bring us joy. Music can enlighten our children. Music can bring our family closer together. Music can ease our anxiety. Music can heal our emotional pain dealing with the loss of health or lives of those we love and care about in the community. Let’s stay healthy and strong, and share our love through music!