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We will schedule a free 30-minute online consultation and assessment session with the student (or the parent if the student is under 18) to determine the student’s musical level and interest. It allows us to fulfill the student’s learning need during the upcoming lessons with a customized lesson plan.

After the consultation, if the student (or the parent if the student is under 18) decide to proceed with lessons, we will confirm the lesson schedule and send an invoice to the email address provided on the Student Information Form. Upon receiving the payment via PayPal, the lessons will begin.


What People Say

“ I studied with Nick for about a year, and in that time he helped improve my playing immensely. He helped me develop more effective practice methods and I always knew what to work on for the week after I left my lessons. He helped me create a comfortable approach to the instrument and introduced me to many resources to help with my playing. Nick is a crazy talented musician and I still look up to him as a big musical influence in my life. He helped me grow as a musician, and as a person and truly cares about each of his students.”

Maria Martin, Columbus, OH

“ Brent is a wonderful organ teacher. During my college years, he worked with me not only teaching methods and technique, but also helping me develop depth and breadth in my performance library. He prepared me to perform and accompany while instilling a drive for excellence. I consider him a mentor and collaborator and one of the reasons I am the performer and accompanist I am today. Thank you, Brent!”

Magdalena Petermann, Kenosha, WI