Lessons and Courses

Lessons & Courses Tailored To Your Needs

Resembling the curriculum of a music conservatory, Brookside Music consists of three main Divisions:
1) Music Theory and Composition Division,
2) Music History Division, and
3) Music Performance Division,
which offer most of the subjects a music conservatory or a university music program would offer.

The 12-week Theory, Composition and History courses and individual theory and composition lessons are coordinated and taught by Dr. Sheung-Ping Lai, international composer and educator. Besides theory and composition lessons, individual instrumental lessons are taught by our team of dedicated music professionals of diverse musical backgrounds and expertise.


Any Style, Any Genre, Any Level.

Pursue your musical interest with inspiring mentors.

Classical Piano LessonP1
Jazz Piano LessonP2
Organ LessonP3
Violin/Viola LessonP4
Cello LessonP5
Double Bass LessonP6
Harp LessonP7
Guitar/Bass LessonP8
Flute/Piccolo LessonP9
Oboe/English Horn LessonP10
Clarinet/Saxophone LessonP11
French Horn LessonP12
Trumpet LessonP13
Trombone LessonP14
Drums LessonP15
Voice LessonP16
Theory and Composition LessonP17

Music Theory and Composition Courses (Currently Available)

12-Hour Theory Courses to fulfill your specific needs.

College Preparation Music Theory for High School StudentsT1
Beginner Composition for Adult MusiciansT2
Jazz Theory for Classical MusiciansT3
Trinity AMusTCL & LMusTCL Exams PreparationT4

Music Theory and Composition Courses

12-Week Theory and Composition Courses on different topics. Available per request.

Melodic Structure and CounterpointT6
Tonal HarmonyT7
Early 20th Century TonalityT8
Post-tonal TheoryT9
Form and AnalysisT10
Arranging and OrchestrationT11
Aural Training (solfege and sight-singing)T12
Piano and Chamber WritingT13
Modal & Post-tonal WritingT14
Combining Tonal Systems and StylesT15
Theory/Composition Pedagogy for Music TeachersT16

Music History & Styles Courses

12-Week Music History and Styles Courses on different topics. Available per request.

Western Art Music (Medieval to Early 20th century)H1
Western Art Music (20th Century to Present)H2
Jazz AppreciationH3
Introduction to Chinese MusicH4
Survey of World Music and Cross-Cultural StylesH5

“Studying composition from Dr. Lai in my grad school (2014-2016) was a life-changing learning experience.  She was passionate about teaching all the composition techniques and inspired me with the art of emotions and thoughts into musical works.

Composing for Film and Visual Media had always been my dream, though I did not confide that to any one until I met Dr. Lai. She told me that my music sounded like film score and recommended me to apply for film scoring programs. I am eternally grateful for her support and my ultimate acceptance to the prestigious UCLA Film Scoring Program. It connected me to the network of film, music, and recording studio industry professionals (East West Studio, Village Studio etc.)

This program granted me the opportunity to intern with Remote Control Production, a Hans Zimmer film music production (Crimson Tide, Gladiator, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, et al). Truly an amazing experience, I was able to meet the award-winning composers, orchestrators, and sound engineers etc. who are similarly impassioned to scoring for motion pictures. My horizon expanded to the professional standard of film music production.

With Dr. Lai’s inspiration to professionally compose and sage career advice, I am a more determined person; able to work with different directors, and use music as an expressive medium for the range of emotions one must experience in film.”

—Sally Kwok, Baltimore, MD