Tailor-made Music Lessons

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At Brookside Music Studio, learn music from caring and inspiring music professionals, to enjoy the fun of music making, and to improve your musicianship.

We provide FREE 30 minute initial consultation so we can plan a music lessons or courses tailor-made to your musical needs!

Individual Lessons & Courses

Beginners usually start with 30- minute lessons. Students at more advanced level would need hourly lessons. Your teacher would assess your level and discuss different lesson options with you during the initial consultation.

Regular PriceFall Special
Individual Lesson (30 mins)$30$25
Individual Lesson (45 mins)$45$40
Individual Lesson (1 hr)$60$50
Individual Month (4 x 30 mins)$120$100
Individual Month (4 x 45 mins)$180$160
Individual Month (4 hrs)$240*$180
Individual Course (6 hrs)$360$290
Individual Course (12 hrs)$650$550

Group Lessons & Courses

Music theory lessons can be taken in small groups of two or three students of the same level. Bring a friend or a family member with you to learn together and to learn from each other. Group lesson is one hour long.

Regular PriceFall Special
Group of 2 (1 hr)$80 ($40 pp)$72 ($36 pp)
Group of 2: Month (4 hrs)$320 ($160 pp)$280 ($140 pp)
Group of 2: Course (6 hrs)$480 ($240pp)$430 ($215pp)
Group of 2: Course (12 hrs)$880 ($440 pp)$780 ($390 pp)
Group of 3 (1 hr)$105 ($35 pp)$93 ($31 pp)
Group of 3: Month (4 hrs)$420 ($140 pp)$378 ($126 pp)
Group of 3: Course (6 hrs)$630 ($210pp)$570 ($190pp)
Group of 3: Course (12 hrs)$1155 ($385 pp)$1050 ($350 pp)

Advanced Theory

Online lessons on advanced music theory and composition are available for mature students via a combination of email correspondence and Zoom/Skype. Reading, listening, and written assignments will be assigned. Students are responsible for completing and submitting the written assignments before each lesson, for teacher’s feedback and comments. Adult student with irregular work schedule may take less than four lessons per month and may choose to pay by lesson.

Regular PriceFall Special
1 Hour$60-$75$55